Portraits Of The Finance Blog Winners

It was the first competition I participated in with my Blog Finanztrader.com and never dared hope to reach the top of the list – after all, FFI Credit is the largest and most respected provider in the German small loan market. So I was equally overwhelmed and delighted when the news of the first place […]

How You Can Have a Bulletproof Finance

How can we protect ourselves for difficult times? This is one of the answers that most of us actively seek, either because we recognize that we will have more difficulties in the coming years or simply because we believe we can strengthen our finances to make them more resilient, bulletproof. Whether we like it or […]

Participatory Finance Is On The Move!

Last week, we mentioned the increasingly strong links between the French and the participative finance. Innovative, transparent, accessible, full of meaning … Today, it speaks to a large part of the population, and why not tomorrow, to all of our fellow citizens!   Government in phase with fintechs The government of the “start-up nation” does […]

How To Talk To Friends About Money And Finances?

Finance and the financial situation are things that people do not always want to talk about, and this is especially true if one of the friends is saying ” richer ” or richer , and so the rest do not want to tell how big debt is getting in and why they can’t handle money. […]

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