Loan lending – what exactly is that?

Anyone who deals with the topic of credit as a self-employed person will sooner or later encounter the concept of loan lending. But what exactly is meant by loan lending? The banking world understands by borrowing special loans, such as the guarantee credit, the letters of credit and the acceptance credits. In order to be […]

My INSS: How To Make The First Access?

See how to register with INSS and have access to various Social Security services without leaving home. Now you no longer have to face queues at INSS agencies. The National Institute of Social Security created the My INSS portal to facilitate access to your information with Social Security. Accessible through computer, tablet or mobile. The […]

Customer Information

The primary objective of JKN Vermögensberatung Kft. And its agent for intermediary activities is to achieve customer satisfaction, which is a prerequisite for our full compliance with our statutory information obligations and for our clients to make responsible decisions with this information. Our obligation to provide information on the one hand, on the one hand, […]

Some Tips To Better Manage Your Finances

Most young people were waiting patiently for their entry into the workforce. This is a crucial step to take full advantage of financial independence. In order to improve one’s lifestyle, certain rules must be respected. This will be necessary in particular to better manage its finances.   Set a goal: a point not to be […]

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