Finance and the financial situation are things that people do not always want to talk about, and this is especially true if one of the friends is saying ” richer ” or richer , and so the rest do not want to tell how big debt is getting in and why they can’t handle money. That is why I wanted to write an article today, where we will look at how to start negotiations and continue when we want to talk about money, finance and the overall financial situation.


Money is often like a taboo thing

Money is often like a taboo thing

Its because people don’t really want to disclose how much they earn and how much money they have and certainly not how big the debt is and it’s more of a fault of the common society, because For the early childhood, parents have taught us not to tell everyone about everything that is casual. But on the other hand, it is foolish not to tell how much money a person earns, because either the benefit or the badness of such action can come because no one will take you that money or steal you because you told your friends. If you have a desire to discuss various financial conversations with your acquaintances or friends in a closed company, the good questions that you initially ask are related to general financial matters, such as:

  • Did you know that Latvia’s total debt is EUR 12 billion?
  • What do you think about Latvian millionaires?
  • Is it possible to make money in Latvia by creating your own company?
  • What are the fastest growing industries in Latvia?
  • What is the average salary for your profession?

With such questions, it is usually possible to start negotiations that are at least partly financial and money-related, and will be in your hands further, because when you evaluate people you will have to understand which of these groups will be willing to tell you how much profit or give some financial prudence. but who will categorically refuse to engage in this type of negotiation.


Everthing depends on the overall mood

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Everything depends on the overall mood of the group and the tone of the conversation, because if all the people are well-known, it will definitely be possible to get out of them much more than when one of the others in the group is unfamiliar and nobody wants his personal things. strangers learn. When talking about such things, it is possible to learn a lot of new things as well as to exchange ideas and learn a lot of new things, and usually all benefit, because even one whose financial situation is best can get different advice from such a conversation.


Conversations are best when people have partially shared interests

Conversations are best when people have partially shared interests

Yes ,but there is also diversity, because then there is something to talk about together and what to challenge and so it is interesting to share information and exchange ideas. I suggest that each of you try to talk to your friends or acquaintances about the financial and financial situation as much as possible, and thus help each other, but those who refuse to do so will be guilty because they will have nothing in the long run.

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