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A new member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors will focus on preventing abuse


Sr. Nyadombo added, “As a member of the Commission, I not only present myself as an individual, but I bring my experience of formation; I am also a policy writer to ensure that each country in the region has a policy at the Conference level.

“The Pope expects the Commission to know how to work with those affected; we are also asked to promote the mandate of the Church, to help make the Church a safe environment for all,” said the Zimbabwean-born member of the Servants of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (HLMC).

Sister Nyadombo, who has also been a board member of the Catholic University of Zimbabwe (CUZ) since 2014 and renowned in the Southern African country for policy development, education and child safeguarding and protection, as well as well as for his help in the implementation process of different programs. said that throughout her work with survivors of human trafficking as coordinator of the Talitha Kum Faith Network in Zimbabwe, she “discovered that in education” you have to “sow seeds when a child is still very young to grow up with a culture”. ”

“Like the potter and the clay, you shape children when they are young; and based on my experience, my passion for educating children about safe environments when they are young, we started a program, which we call the safe schools program, a holistic approach to the five different aspects of human development, so that children learn to speak,” Sr. Nyadombo said.

She continued: “We have also published a book called ‘Positive Parenting’, so that parents are also trained on how to manage children, how to use positive means to manage discipline, and so children also receive discipline. in a different way, not in harsh corporal punishment, which is quite common in Africa.

“We tell (parents that) beatings also cause even more fear in their children, and their children will not do well in school,” she told ACI Africa during the October 17 interview. .

The HLMC member whose academic background includes theology, canon law, business administration, counselling, international relations and leadership, and social communications further said, “We have also designed a manual for Church leaders know how they should lead in schools and parishes.”

“We responded to the call of the Pope three years ago when he told us to open the doors to those on the peripheries and to reach out to the periphery. We thus reach out to poor children so that they continue their education,” she added.

Sr. Nyadombo told ACI Africa that by providing education to poor children, they are tackling the problem of early marriages, especially of girls, and child trafficking.

“We seek to empower children, creating safe spaces for learning, which is what we do,” she said during the Oct. 17 interview.