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Abilene’s Brook Hollow Christian Church Relocates After 60 Years | KTAB


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB / KRBC) – The Brook Hollow Christian Church congregation in Abilene is moving from its original 60-year-old church on Willis Street to a small space in the Woodhaven Mall.

Recently, Beltway Park Church purchased the original church building with plans to create a neighborhood day care center after it passed the city’s rezoning efforts in October.

“It is an act of great faith to step out of your church and start something new,” Justice Downing Bolls said.

Justice Bolls and his wife Debbie were married in the original Brook Hollow Chapel and have been regular members of the congregation since the late 1970s.

As newlyweds with a baby on the way, the Bolls were looking for a stable church community and were referred to Brook Hollow after they had just hired a new pastor.

“Partly because of our pastor,” Debbie said. “Back then he had a coed team called the ‘Killer Frogs’ and we played softball.

Debbie and Downing Bolls baptized their children at Brook Hollow and watched them grow in their faith over their 40 years of dating, but are now moving on to something very different.

Brook Hollow Christian Church is in the process of moving their congregation to a new, smaller location in the Woodhaven Mall on South 14th Street.

While many of their best memories and best friends have been made under the steeple of the Old Church, they are eager for what lies ahead.

“I think everyone would say this has been an incredibly blessed time,” said Co-Pastor Penny Biddy.

Biddy has been with the Brook Hollow congregation since 2004 and has been a co-pastor since 2015. She watched her children grow up in the old location, but said she sees how bright the future is.

“We have a chance to sit down and really understand what God is calling us to do,” Biddy said. “Maybe take on new ministries for each other and for the community. “

With a smaller congregation, Biddy said she believed they would be able to come together spiritually and as a church body.

“We’re here to stay,” Debbie said. “Everywhere the congregation goes, we go. The installation has always been just an installation. These are the people who bring you back.

They wait for new doors to open with a faithful, family congregation ready to do the Lord’s work in the blink of an eye.

“What a great honor it is to put your faith to the test like that, and to say ‘He lives. He reigns and he is with us every step of the way, ”said Justice Bolls.

Although the new location is smaller, some pieces from the original church have been moved to the new location, such as pieces of the stained glass window from the smaller chapel.

Biddy also said the new location will only be temporary as they seek a permanent home over the next two to three years.