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Albuquerque Church Receives Special Funding to Keep ‘Historic’ Grounds


ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (KRQE) – Immanuel Presbyterian Churchin the heart of Nob Hill in Albuquerque, has stood proudly since 1956. Today, the church has received funds to help preserve its grounds.

“It’s an icon in Nob Hill, it was designed by famous architect John Gaw Meem, it was built by Fred Mossman, I think it’s the only Mossman church,” said pastor Drew Henry. Thanks to a program, it will now remain iconic for many years to come.

The church recently received $200,000 through a nationwide program that supports historic places of worship. Immanuel Presbyterian is one of 16 congregations in the United States that have received this grant.

“It’s exciting to be able to preserve this place and share it, to keep the congregation active here and to really open up the space to be a vital active part of this community,” Henry said.

A few years ago the church suffered severe water damage inside and out due to a hailstorm in 2018. There are still lasting marshes inside the sanctuary but the funding will fix it and give the space the significant upgrades it needs. Once things are rooted, the church will not only be a place of worship, but will also bring the community together for music. The New Mexico Philharmonic will eventually call Immanuel Presbyterian his home base.

“There are other bands performing here and we’re building this partnership with the Philharmonic Orchestra to bring them back to Nob Hill,” Henry said. As soon as the funds are disbursed, the church hopes to begin the rebuilding process.