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American Episcopal priest on game show must tithe his winnings


An Episcopalian priest who won a popular US game show four nights in a row will be tithing his $78,000 winnings.

Rector of St Paul’s, Walla Walla, in Washington, DC, Reverend David Sibley, appeared without his clerical collar for the first time, but put it on for his third appearance for the show Danger!

During his four-night run, he used his Twitter feed to explain to new followers why he was tithing – giving ten percent – of his pre-tax earnings to his parish. He posted: “Quite simply, I’m doing well on Jeopardy thanks to the gifts I’ve been given to remember a lot of things and recall them quickly. It’s part of who I am and what God has made of me. So the product of this? None of this is really mine to begin with!

He said he realized early on in his run that his appearance gave him the opportunity to speak to those who had been hurt or excluded by the Church, and he expressed his support for “the life , loves and vocations of LGBTQIA+ people”. .

A “clear ministry” emerged for him during the week, he said. “Perhaps the most interesting thing to come from the apparition is to see people across the Episcopal Church engaging with my appearance – and often reaching out to offer kind words or wish me well retroactively. even, people from all corners of my life have reached out to me, and it has been lovely.

“On Twitter, I had a few moments to interact with people who had varied experiences with the Church – the good ones, the bad ones, and downright ugly ones. I tried to do my best to represent the church in a positive way. And I’ve had a few weird emails and some useless Twitter comments, but I’m taking it all in stride and haven’t responded to anyone who’s just trying to fight back.

He’s not the first priest to appear on the long-running quiz game, but his four-day winning streak has garnered the most attention. “I’ve always appreciated the opportunity to play quizzes or quizzes, but most of the time it would be in something closer to a pub quiz or quiz night “, did he declare.

“I think for most American trivia fans, Danger! is the top of the pyramid; so I’ve always been a fan and always hoped for a chance to compete.

He got the call to say he was going to be on the show during that year’s General Convention, and had to excuse himself from a conversation with his bishop to take the call.

He said: “Once I told him what was going on, I got a very enthusiastic response. Danger! is a cultural touchstone here in the United States, and so it wasn’t a hard sell.

He failed to win a question about the Rapture, which sparked some amusement on Twitter. He said: “Failing to answer that question was a classic case of overthinking; or, perhaps, not to think about it at all – since I don’t believe in the Rapture, just like most Anglicans.

He was eventually beaten by two other competitors, but could be invited back for a Tournament of Champions next year.

After her loss, a Twitter follower told her, “You’re supposed to rest on the SEVENTH day, not the Fifth. Good race!”