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American parishes join Catholic Campaign for Human Development fundraiser


From November 20 to 21, Catholics across the United States are invited to donate to the annual fundraiser for the National Poverty Alleviation Program of American Bishops and other organizations that fight poverty in the country.

By Vatican News reporter

Parishes across the United States are joining the Catholic Campaign for Human Development’s annual fundraiser to support the U.S. Bishops’ National Anti-Poverty Program and its partner organizations this weekend.

Parishioners are invited to contribute to Mass or via online parish donation platforms. #iGiveCatholicTogether is also accepting funds to support CCHD.

Fighting poverty in the United States

The CCHD was started in 1969, following the publication of the Encyclical of Saint Paul VI ‘Popolorum Progressio‘on the development of peoples. Its goal is to tackle the root causes of poverty in America, through the promotion of social justice, education and solidarity.

CCHD-supported organizations help expand access to affordable housing and education, develop worker-owned businesses, train neighborhood advocates, and empower essential workers to advocate for workplace safety.

Serving the poor for over 50 years

“In Fratelli tutti, Pope Francis writes that “when the good of others is at stake, good intentions are not enough”. This same vision has inspired the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for more than half a century. CCHD is about helping those who are poor, marginalized or injured achieve their dreams, ”said Bishop David G. O’Connell, chair of the USCCB subcommittee on CCHD.

Help people help themselves

“The work of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development helps people help themselves at the local community level through advocacy, engagement with their neighbors, and cooperation with local religious and government leaders.

CCHD empowers people in poor communities to earn a living and create change that builds stronger neighborhoods and healthier communities.

The impact of CCHD

The subcommittee’s website details information on the history, mission and impact of CCHD and the work of the organizations it supports to eradicate poverty in the United States.

The website highlights some stories of hope, including projects for environmental justice, for immigrants, for the empowerment of immigrant women.