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Church helps homeless people with mattresses made from recycled bags


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – Helping Tallahassee’s most vulnerable and the environment, Ellen Oetau and other members of the Good Samaritan Methodist Church are making rugs from plastic bags for the homeless in the city.

“I hope it’s helping the homeless community, that’s the main thing,” Oetau said. “But in the process, we also keep the bags out of landfills.”

The Big Bend Continuum of Care annual report reveals that homelessness is down 29% while about 3,000 people are homeless in Leon County each year.

This week, city and county leaders awarded more than $ 4 million to local organizations to help the homeless.

“If someone can be helped with one-time nominal help, we also use homelessness prevention,” Wander said. “So if they have rent or utilities in arrears, we will help them pay them to keep them in their housing so that they are not homeless. “

Amanda Wander of the nonprofit says the $ 1.4 million US bailout will be used to support various services such as transitional housing and prevention education efforts.

Until the homelessness crisis in the county is over or the numbers decline, people like Sandy Sanders will continue to help the homeless.

“I know I’m helping someone, and it’s fun and enjoyable to do something that helps someone else,” Sanders said.

The Good Samaritan says it takes about 700 bags to make a rug. The members meet once a month to make the rugs, so their efforts continue.

If you would like to help their cause or donate plastic bags, you can contact the church directly.