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Church of Omaha fights health inequities


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Susan Blum brought her seven-year-old granddaughter to the Pleasant Green Baptist Church health fair on Saturday.

Blum lives a few miles away and came to pick up their COVID boosters.

“It’s very accessible for us. It’s in our area, so it was the perfect spot for us today,” Blum said.

The church has three Health Ambassadors to promote healthy living. Lovey Jackson-Craddock is one of them.

“My job as a Health Ambassador is to help keep the community safe, so I thought it was very important to do the Health Fair today and do the reminders and flu shots and to bring the community together to help keep the community safe,” Jackson – Craddock said.

There were also boards with information on mental health, job opportunities and a station to check blood pressure.

Alberta Hollie and her sister go to church and came to the fair. They felt comfortable asking their questions.

“The church their doors are always open. You can always ask them questions and get help,” Hollie said. “And if you don’t understand, they sit down, talk to you and make you aware of what they have to offer.”

The 2021 Community Health Assessment in Douglas County found residents in North and South Omaha reported that transportation hindered their ability to get to doctors. That’s why free events like this at community churches break down some accessibility barriers.

“A lot of people live here in the community. They may not have the money or the gas to go far. And they can come right here in the neighborhood,” Jackson-Craddock said.

More than 50 people received their COVID booster and flu shot from the county health department.

And even though this was the church’s first health fair, they say the positive turnout encourages them to hold it again.