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Comedian Basketmouth ignores Pastor Oyedepo’s claim that people who speak out against pastors attract leprosy

  • Popular Nigerian comedian Basketmouth reacted to Bishop Oyedepo’s claim that criticizing pastors attracts leprosy
  • The comedian admitted he was guilty of speaking out against men of God in a social media post
  • However, Basketmouth added that he would probably do it 50 more times today after doing it seven times the day before.

Nigerian top comedian Basketmouth spoke on Bishop Oyedepo’s comment on criticism of pastors.

The preacher of the Chapel of the Overcome had claimed that people who spoke against men of God had leprosy.

Comedian Basketmouth will continue to criticize pastors despite Bishop Oyedepo’s declaration of leprosy. Photos: @basketmouth
Source: Instagram

News of Oyedepo’s complaint has gone viral online and Basketmouth reacted to it. The comedian admitted he was very guilty of it.

Basketmouth, who found the news funny, added that he had done it seven times the day before and had done it 15 times already during the day.

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The comedian continued that he’ll likely do it another 50 times before the day is over.

See a screenshot of the message below:

Basketmouth comedian
Comedian Basketmouth on the Pastors Criticism. Photo: @basketmouth
Source: Instagram

Nigerians react

While a number of people were amused by the Basketmouth post and said it shouldn’t be ruled by fear, others said they weren’t going to get involved in questions about God.

Read some comments below:


“Don’t let THESE CHARLATAINS keep using FE AR to keep you from thinking right.”


“Who’s caught leprosy since they all started preaching because people always questioned their funny doctrines when things went wrong. “


“Leprosy? All of us for this country because don get am na.


“A religion that will not prosper without FEAR and SELF GUILT is not a true religion…. #WakeUpAfrica without the fear of hell you won’t be religious.

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“Because if we don’t question, then how can we learn? “


“Me, I did not close my mouth for the men of God to count … May God be the judge.”


Actress Victoria Inyama criticizes Pastor Funke Adejumo

Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama has lambasted popular preacher Funke Adejumo for the advice she has given to women.

In a trending clip online, Pastor Funke told women to stop disclosing their husbands’ indiscretions and mistakes to others.

Inyama, known for sharing her passionate opinions on social media, did not spare the pastor.

The actress noted that all “attacks by the cleric are against women.” Not stopping there, Inyama claimed the preacher wore the pants at her house, but that is not reason enough for her to continue attacking women.

Source: Legit.ng