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Dulac residents waiting for FEMA shelter receive help from local church


BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (WAFB) – “What has been frustrating is that our people have felt ignored, it is frustrating that our people have felt that people only care about New Orleans and the big cities. stories like that and these people – these poor fishermen, our community is made up of fishermen who literally live off the land and they get by, they can do it, they have the strength this is not the first rodeo ”, a said Father Antonio Speedy of the Holy Family Catholic Church in Dulac.

In the parish of Terrebonne, the need for shelter is so dire that a local church is taking matters into its own hands.

Nathan Trosclair has been staying inside the Holy Family Catholic Church since Hurricane Ida. Like many in his hometown, he waits in a temporary caravan for his family to stay there.

“(My dad) wants to come home, hopefully, when we have this motorhome up, when we have electricity, because he needs oxygen and things like that and fixes the driveway. so that in case something happens, the doctors can come and take care of it, ”Trosclair said.

While there was help to provide food and water to the people of this town immediately after the storm, they now feel forgotten.

Then the Holy Family intervenes.

“Right now our problem is immediate, our people need a place to stay. We have met this need, we still have people in tents, in these houses, sleeping in cars, ”said Father Antonio.

Right after the storm, the church helped people get food, water, and generators, but now they’ve turned to fundraising to buy motorhomes that people can stay in. while they rebuild.

“The base of small communities is the only way people got help in this initial phase of emergency crisis, we saw no government help in this initial phase,” he said. .

The church was able to help Nicole Boudreaux after learning that her trailer had been destroyed in the storm.

“I haven’t slept in bed since it all happened,” Boudreaux said, “It’s pretty much demolished, on stilts, all the roof is gone, the walls are still intact but the whole trailer is leaning to the side. “

On Tuesday, she and her children were entitled to a new trailer.

Although their homes and belongings have been damaged, the hope is that with a little help from their community their spirit will not be.

FEMA trailers are not expected to begin distribution to all areas affected by Hurricane Ida until mid-November.

Louisiana GOHSEP trailers began releasing this month.

The state says they are still trying to reach some people who have applied for the Hurricane Ida shelter program.

If you haven’t verified your request recently, you can call 1-844-268-0301 to get an update. In many cases, the state said it tried to call or email applicants to let them know they had been approved – but could not reach them.

If you would like to help the Holy Family Catholic Church in its efforts to house the residents of Dulac, you can donate at their Go Fund Me page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-dulac-rebuild

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