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“He told me that Black Lives Matter”


During the Georgia Senate debate on Friday night, GOP candidate Herschel Walker denied the recent allegations that he paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion, and he challenged “pro-choice pastor” and incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock to reconcile the state’s high black abortion rate with his support for ” Black Lives Matter”.

“He told me Black Lives Matter,” Walker said of his opponent. “There are more black babies aborted than anything, so if black lives matter, why don’t you protect those babies?”

Walker was invited to address the explosive reportpublished by the daily beast last week from an unnamed woman who claimed that Walker paid for the abortion of a child they conceived together. “It’s a lie,” he said, before turning to Warnock’s unabashed support for abortion. Walker has repeatedly stated that he is pro-life. However, last week his son christian walker took to the internet to proclaim he was ‘done with lies’, condemning his father as a hypocrite for claiming to be a ‘family man’ even though he allegedly abandoned him as a child.

When asked if he would support any abortion restrictions, Warnock ducked and doubled down on his position. slogan defending the so-called right to choose: “A patient’s room is too small a place for a woman, her doctor, and the US government.” Warnock accused the “extremist Supreme Court” of stripping women of this essential freedom overnight.

Walker countered that his rival “didn’t mention there was a baby in that room as well.” Warnock’s analogy is further flawed, Walker argued, because he advocates government intervention to subsidize abortion at the federal level. “He’s asking the government to pay for it, so he’s bringing the government back into the room,” Walker said.

“I have a deep respect for life and a deep respect for choice,” Warnock said. He is a self-proclaimed “pro-choice pastor,” a position that many Christians find contradictory. Along with Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Warnock said he was a champion of life pushing legislation to tackle maternal mortality.

Meanwhile, he accused Walker of being in favor of an outright ban on abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. “I think it’s extreme,” Warnock said. However, the former NFL football player pointed out that Georgia pro life lawwhich prohibits abortion after fetal heart rate was detected, includes such exceptions.

Moderators asked Warnock to respond to a particular comment he made recently at a campaign rally when he was talking about abortion. “Even God gave us a choice,” he told the crowd. Without specifying during Friday’s debate, he reiterated: “Obviously God has given us a range of choices.”

The subject then turned to a recent report from Free Washington Beacon that Warnock Church owned a low-income building that forced out tenants for small unpaid rents during the pandemic, when many poor people struggled to find jobs and keep their homes. Walker repeated his recent pledge to “pay” the debts of residents allegedly evicted by the Ebenezer Baptist Church. “He won’t respond about kicking people out of the church,” Walker said.

“We did not evict these tenants”, Warnock insured the audience.

“It’s written in the newspaper!” . . . Senator, you did it! It’s good to tell the truth. Do not bear false witness! Walker replied. Warnock Church also reportedly paid him a housing allowance of $7,400 a month. The church owns 99% of the property that would have evicted the residents.

The couple also answered questions about election integrity laws, specifically the law that was passed in Georgia in 2021 and was immediately tagged the new “Jim Crow” by the Democrats. Recalling the record turnout for African Americans in 2022 after the law was enacted, Warnock insisted, “There is no doubt that SB 202 makes it harder to vote. He said the law makes it difficult for voters, especially minorities, to “use drop boxes” and shortens registration times. Walker responded that “SB 202 made it easier to vote and harder to cheat”.

Walker confirmed he does not believe the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. “President Biden won and Senator Warnock won, which is why I decided to run,” he said.

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