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Hundreds jump to raise funds for Hong Kong church


Hong Kong Diocese Seeks to Raise $1 Billion for Construction, Maintenance of Church Buildings and Cemeteries

Bishop Stephen Chow Sau-yan of Hong Kong gives a helping hand to a kindergarten girl who took part in a charity jump rope rally. (Photo: Diocese of Hong Kong)

Posted: Aug 02, 2022 04:06 GMT

Updated: Aug 02, 2022 06:01 GMT

Bishop Stephen Chow Sau-yan of Hong Kong presided over a charity jump-rope (jump-rope) event attended by hundreds of Catholics to raise funds for the construction and maintenance of buildings and cemeteries run by the Church in the city.

The Hong Kong Diocesan Fundraising Commission for Church Building and Development held the ‘725 Rope Skipping Fun Day’ charity event at St Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School on July 25, according to the Diocesan Newspaper. Sunday Examiner reported.

Bishop Stephen Chow presided over the event along with around 200 children, parents, teachers, Caritas Hong Kong staff and other members of participating religious institutions.

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“Young people have many good qualities that we can learn from, among them courage in the face of difficulties,” the Bishop said at the event.

He also thanked the organizers, participants, sponsors and donors for their generosity and efforts.

As of July 26, the commission had raised $2.6 million and public donations are open until mid-August through the commission’s fundraising site.

Funds raised through these events are to be used by the diocese for the construction of parish buildings, additional urn niches, and the upkeep of old buildings that are the responsibility of the diocese for posterity.

Earlier, the diocese revealed via a video statement that it is to raise a total of US$1 billion for development activities.

“Let us pray for God’s guidance for this event which encourages constant exercise, unites Catholic schools, promotes the development of the Church and transmits the great love of God,” said Father Dominic Chan Chi-ming, president of the fundraising committee.

Members of the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Federation showed off their advanced skipping skills and styles, which also involved teaching some of the new styles to children.

“I feel a sense of accomplishment when I learn a new style of jumping rope,” said Au Choi-wing, a participating student.

Unlike previous years, in addition to diocesan secondary and primary schools as well as kindergartens, the event was supported by the Catholic Religious Schools Council and Caritas Hong Kong-Vocational Training and Education Service.

Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous city, was a British colony from 1843 until its handover to China in 1997. Under the Sino-British Joint Declaration, Hong Kong enjoyed a higher degree of autonomy and fundamental rights such as an independent judiciary and legislature under the “one country, two systems” framework.

Once known as one of the freest cities in the world, Hong Kong has seen many of its freedoms and rights eroded since Beijing imposed a draconian national security law in 2020 to crush the pro- -democracy of 2019 in order to establish full control over the city.

Several pro-democracy supporters, including prominent Catholics, have been arrested and imprisoned under the national security law. Cardinal Joseph Zen, former bishop of Hong Kong, was arrested in May but later released following global outrage.

Catholics number about 500,000 out of Hong Kong’s approximately 7.5 million people.

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