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“I Wanted Us To Be A Caring Church”: Transformation Pastor Who Goes Viral Shares “Mad Faith” Success Story | Local News


“But to see this happen is an absolute joy. It means everything to me.

Currently, a return to worship in person is still pending. The church is expected to resume sometime in 2022, once construction of the site is complete.

The lack of in-person gatherings did nothing to detract from its growing global presence.

Todd continued to broadcast live sermons every week, with up to 24,000 people watching.

It’s that kind of reach, sparked off by this original series of viral sermons, that explains the church’s impressive resources, Todd said.

The church depends on gifts and gifts of free will, he said. Right now, as far as they can tell, around 40% of donations come from the Tulsa area, with the remaining 60% from elsewhere.

Todd said: “People who have never been to Tulsa, have never been a part of what we do in person, feel so moved, touched and transformed by the messages, the way we speak, that they give.”

And most, wherever they are from, are just ordinary people.

“I don’t know of any million dollar donors,” Todd said.

All of this, he added, is being done without advocacy or pressure.

“We do a series every year on generosity and stewardship, but otherwise we don’t insist. I think that discourages people. It’s like ‘I came here to be helped and encouraged and you just spent 15 minutes talking about what you need from me.’ We don’t do that.