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In Christmas dispatch, Buhari pledges Nigerians to end killings, kidnappings



“Our courageous security forces, reinforced by the necessary support of this administration, confront the wicked among us on a daily basis, who continue to threaten the peace of the country. Let us take the opportunity offered by this festive period to encourage ourselves so that the machinations of the wicked among us do not find their place to prosper ‘

Deji Elumoye and Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari, in a special Christmas message personally signed and released yesterday, pledged to ensure that the security challenges facing Nigerians soon become history.

For years, terrorists have roamed the country unhindered, killing, kidnapping and maiming.
While rejoicing with Nigerian Christians as they celebrate Christmas, the President said, “I have no doubts that with the renewed commitment and empowerment of our committed security personnel, all of these issues that inflict pain on us and trauma will soon be history.

The president admitted that despite the “remarkable successes generally recorded,” the nation still faces challenges.

He noted that the military was doing everything possible to combat the threat of insecurity.
Buhari said: “Our courageous security forces, reinforced by the necessary support of this administration, confront the wicked among us on a daily basis, who continue to threaten the peace of the country.

“Recently, during the meeting with other heads of state of ECOWAS, I spoke of the need to intensify efforts to jointly face this threat which is the source of instability in our sub-region. .

“Let us use the opportunity this festive season offers to encourage ourselves so that the machinations of the wicked among us do not find a place to flourish.

“Christmas is a season when hope is rekindled. Hope, Peace, Joy, Love are the recurring themes of this time. It is in the midst of trials that the true test of a nation emerges. “

The president urged Nigerians to invoke the indomitable spirit within them and to regard the current order of things as a phase which would also pass, “just like other unsavory situations in the history of the nation”.
He said his government would not abandon promises made to Nigerians for a better life, adding that the diversification of the economy undertaken by his government was paying off.

The President said, “We will continue to create opportunities for our teeming youth to vent their tremendous energy. As we congratulate each other with family, friends, coworkers, associates, let us take moments to reach out to the less privileged.

“Let us also pray and address words of encouragement to our valiant security guards who fulfill their oath to protect us.

“I assure my compatriots that this administration remains committed to ensuring that the standard of living of the average Nigerian is high.”

He assured that his six-and-a-half-year administration would keep all promises made to Nigerians before the government ends in 17 months.

Urges citizens to get vaccinated

Also in the Christmas message, the president urged all citizens to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
He expressed his disappointment that for the second Christmas in a row, the world could no longer celebrate as they did in previous years because of the pandemic.

He said: “The COVID-19 pandemic, with its ensuing debilitating impact, has remained with humanity, mutating and leaving in its wake, devastating consequences on the economy, social interaction and limiting certain freedoms. .

“The silver lining, however, is that humanity has been able to stand up with one voice and with one goal, to face the conditions imposed.

“I want to take this opportunity to call on our dear citizens to adopt vaccination, which is the best known scientifically defense against the pandemic. Recent events have shown that vaccination significantly reduces the effects of the virus on the human body.

“I will also urge those who took both doses to go ahead and take the booster as advised by the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC). I applaud the efforts of PSC members under the leadership of the Federation Government Secretary as they continue to chart a roadmap to emerge from the pandemic and associated issues.
“On that note, I wish Nigerians a Merry Christmas!

Kaigama: The Heart of Every Heavy Nigerian Suffering From Suffering

The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, His Grace, Mgr. Ignatius Kaigama lamented yesterday that the hearts of Nigerians are heavy with the suffering they have experienced and seen in 2021 alone.

Kaigama, who said so in his Christmas message, also called on Nigerians not to abandon the country, saying that although the current situation may be difficult, “God is in control”.
According to him, with the security challenges, COVID-19 and agitations for self-determination, Nigerians will not be forgetting 2021 anytime soon.

The cleric told the faithful not to abandon their country, but to “dare to look to the future and embrace once again the hope of a better Nigeria”.

Kaigama said, “Christmas this year has found us in the throes of calamities and dire circumstances far beyond our human control. As Nigerians, in almost every part of this country, our hearts are heavy with the suffering that we have experienced and seen this year alone – the many deaths from terrorism, kidnappings and banditry, the depressing economic situation with inflation. uncontrollable. , crushing even more the common man who has already been emptied of joy, peace and hope.

“The violent agitations for self-determination, which have been accompanied by the loss of lives and limbs, have left horrific scars on our collective psyche. All of this makes this year a year that many Nigerians cannot hastily forget. Nevertheless, Christmas proclaims: ‘Joy to the world, the Lord has come.’

“For every disillusioned Nigerian who is about to leave this country; for all who are ready to cut their moorings and drift away to faraway lands, Christmas challenges us to dare to look ahead and embrace once again the hope for a better Nigeria.

While declaring that unbridled corruption and crime was a grim reminder that selfishness had taken root in the hearts of many statesmen, the Archbishop said: “Christmas is an invitation to renounce selfishness, to think only of others and bring the greatest happiness to them.

“Because of Christmas, all of our leaders are challenged to dream big for our country again and to faithfully work hard to make those dreams come true in order to find solutions to our youthful problems and to improve the lives of some of the people. the poorest on the planet. “

Catholic bishops urge Nigerians to remain hopeful

Catholic bishops urged Nigerians overwhelmed by suffering and hardship not to give up hope for a better Nigeria.

The bishops said Nigerians should always remember the popular Christmas refrain, Emmanuel, which is “God is with us” and try to hope for a better future.

In his Christmas message published by the Nigerian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (CBCN) signed jointly by the president, Bishop Augustine Akubeze; Vice-president, Mgr Lucius Ugorji and Secretary, Mgr Camillus Umoh, the ecclesiastics urged the Nigerians not to let any situation lead them to despair, because God is always there to intervene for them.

“This feast reminds us that God is with us. Therefore, the word “Emmanuel” should be a constant refrain in our mouths. We must therefore not let any situation lead us to despair, for God is always with us. We are grateful to God for all of His divine interventions in our lives. We know that without God things would have been worse.

“I want us to use some of our time during this holy season and maybe even beyond the Christmas period to develop our ability to listen to God speaking to us in silence,” the bishops said.