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JAPA: Alberta, Canada paves new way for Nigerian pastors and religious workers to become permanent residents


albertaa province in western Canada, has created a new immigration pathway for Nigerian religious workers to gain permanent residency in Canada.

This was revealed in a press release from the Province of Alberta titled “New Immigration Pathway for Religious Workers.”

In making this change, Alberta will join other provinces in expanding its provincial immigration program to accept applications from religious leaders who meet the pastoral and spiritual needs of their communities.

What they say

The statement said: “Religious professional newcomers are now eligible to apply under the Alberta Opportunity Stream, Alberta Express Entry Stream and Rural Renewal Stream to work with religious organizations and settle permanently in the province.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said religion is crucial to his community. He said, “Religious faith is central to the lives of many Albertans. The spiritual health of our society is driven by diverse faith communities, all of which share a commitment to serving the common good, especially the most vulnerable.

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He added that “the worship of many faith communities depends on clergy and religious workers from abroad, but so far there has been no clear path for religious workers to gain residency in Alberta. These changes will align Alberta with the policies of several other provinces and underscore the critical role religious workers play in the health of Alberta communities.

Kaycee Madu, the Minister of Labor and Immigration, reiterated the importance of religion in the provision.

He said, “Many cultural communities in Alberta rely on spiritual leadership to help them maintain their connection to their roots and prepare for future challenges. Facilitating the coming of spiritual leaders to Alberta is an important step in recognizing the needs of immigrants and helping them settle in our province.

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What you should know

  • If they meet the requirements, Nigerian religious workers can apply for the program through the Alberta Opportunity Stream, the Rural Renewal Stream or the Alberta Express Entry Stream.
  • The Alberta Opportunity Stream is for temporary foreign employees already working in Alberta who have a full-time job offer in a suitable occupation from an Alberta company.
  • Individuals with a community-supported job offer to work in one of Alberta’s Designated Rural Towns are eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream.
  • The Alberta Express Entry Stream allows Alberta to nominate suitable candidates from the federal Express Entry system who have strong ties to Alberta or who work in an occupation that contributes to the economic development and diversification of the province.