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John Paul I had a special message for Catholics in the United States


Shortly after becoming pope, John Paul I addressed a group of American bishops and urged them to respect the dignity of marriage and the family.

During his 33-day pontificate, John Paul I conducted an active schedule, receiving visitors and delivering speeches to various groups. This included a group of American bishops on their visit to Rome.

He addressed a very direct speech to these bishops, emphasizing the dignity of marriage and of the family.

Never get tired of proclaim the family as a community of love: conjugal love unites the couple and generates new life; it reflects divine love, is communicated and, in the words of “Gaudium et Spes”, is in reality a participation in the covenant of love of Christ and his Church. We have all received the great grace of being born into such a community of love; it will be easy for us to maintain its value.

John Paul I emphasized the importance of proclaiming the indissolubility of marriage, combating the culture of divorce that was beginning to take shape in the United States.

In particular, the indissolubility of Christian marriage is important; although this is a difficult part of our message, we must proclaim it faithfully as part of the word of God, part of the mystery of faith. At the same time, we are close to our people in their problems and difficulties. They should always know that we love them.

In addition, he encouraged parents to be the primary educators of their children, especially in matters of faith.

And then you have to encourage parents in their role as educators of their children – the first and best catechists. What a great task and what a challenge they have: to teach children the love of God, to make it real for them.

John Paul I firmly believed that the Holy Families could in turn influence the world: “By the testimony of love of their lives, families can bring the gospel of Christ to others.”

Although he did not have a long pontificate, John Paul I used his time well and did what he could to support the family.