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Lexington animals blessed on St. Francis’ Day


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – In the Catholic Church, tomorrow marks the feast of St. Francis, a celebration of the patron saint of animals.

The Lexington Humane Society has partnered with St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton for a Pet Blessing. From big dogs to small ones and even a turtle, all were welcome today to be blessed. This event will all follow a feast this week in honor of Saint Francis.

The pets each stood in a circle with their owners for the service, and the bishop then blessed them each with holy water after asking for their names. The participants were delighted to share a special moment with their loved ones.

“The presence and history of the person Saint Francis of the CC. He is a wonderful saint who lived many years ago, and he is known to love the animals and creatures in God’s creation and also to share the gospel, so we are helping to rebuild the church. We therefore celebrate his birthday on weekdays and weekends. It’s just thanking God, a way of thanking God in our lives and the love and service they give us, and the comfort they give us. Just give thanks to God for them, ”said Father Charles Howell.

The church hopes to host the event next year, and all furry and scaled friends are welcome.

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