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Lisa Barlow “Believes Cameron Williams and Her Experiences” at Mary Cosby Church [Exclusive]

Lisa Barlow “Believes Cameron Williams and Her Experiences” at Mary Cosby Church [Exclusive]

Apart from Jen Shah’s arrest, Mary Cosby’s Church is at the center of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2. After the housewives’ trip to Vail, the group split up due to a conversation regarding Cameron Williams and Cosby’s congregation. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with RHOSLC star Lisa Barlow via email to clarify what she knows about Cosby’s Church. The Bravo star also addressed what fans couldn’t see at the Fresh Wolf event in the Season 2 episode “A Wolf Pack of Secrets”.

Lisa Barlow, Mary Cosby | Chad Kirkland / Bravo

Mary Cosby’s Church

Cosby is the “first lady” of the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church in Utah, which she inherited when her grandmother, Rosemary Cosby, passed away. She also inherited her grandmother’s marriage to her second husband, Robert Senior.

Additionally, Cosby is often linked with rumors and alleged legal issues surrounding the church. Some former members refer to the Faith Temple as a ‘cult’, alleging that Cosby calls himself God and instills fear in members who wish to leave the congregation (via The daily beast).

Cosby denies claiming she’s God in season 2 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. But after being taken aback by Shah’s arrest, some of Cosby’s cast comrades find it hard to believe her.

Lisa Barlow met Mary Cosby via Cameron Williams

When we asked what else fans were going to learn about Cosby’s Church in The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2, Barlow said, “I’ve never been online and read anything about Mary’s Church. I’m so tagged on social media. You can’t help but see it.

She also explained the details of her relationship with Cosby, which started because of Williams. “I know Mary because of Cameron,” Barlow wrote.

Lisa Barlow thinks Cameron Williams’ experience at Mary Cosby’s Church is true

According to Barlow, Williams “didn’t have an incredible experience” at Cosby’s Church. In “A pack of wolf secrets”, RHOSLC fans heard Williams issue what sounded like a warning to Meredith Marks at the Fresh Wolf event. “Mary and I were extremely close,” he told Marks in the episode. “Be careful.” Their conversation returns in “A House Divided”.

“He was in his twenties and very young when he started attending Mary’s Church after moving from Chicago to Utah,” Barlow explained. “I believe what he told me about his experiences; I haven’t always believed everything I’m identified with, but believe Cameron and his experiences.

What “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” fans couldn’t see at the Fresh Wolf event

Numerous RHOSLC fans were focused on Williams’ conversation with Marks at the Fresh Wolf event, but Barlow says much more happened than what was broadcast. “The actual event was amazing,” Barlow told us. “All host groups need support. Cameron worked with Utah Foster and [had] a relationship with them completely separate from [the] the one we have with our return program.

According to RHOSLC star, Williams “hasn’t really said much” other than her conversation with Marks. “He politely answered questions, as requested,” she said.

Williams passed away on June 3, 2021. “He loved to build, help, grow and was an amazing brother to me,” Barlow wrote on Instagram at the time. “We love you Cameron. He is accomplished, kind, intelligent, creative, a leader and my friend: he is loved. We will miss him. Proud to call you my friend and brother.

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