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Meet Carly Hart, new Director of T4C


To meet: Carly Hart of Newcomerstown

Occupation: New Executive Director of T4C (Tuscarawas Council for Church & Community).

Education: BA Criminal Justice/Sociology from the University of Akron.

T4C services: Share-A-Christmas, emergency help, healthy choices, reminder programs for young people.

About T4C: T4C was founded in 1966 by the Ohio Council of Churches and The Ohio State University. The purpose of T4C is to meet the legitimate needs of the people of Tuscarawas County. T4C continues to be a non-profit, non-denominational agency.

Carly, please tell us a bit about where you grew up, your family and what you like to do in your free time.

“I grew up in Canton, Ohio. I have a small immediate family which includes my mother Debbie, my sister Jill and my brother Mitchell. I also have a large extended family that I love to be with and feel so lucky that we reside close enough to each other to spend time, get together for vacations, and support each other.

“I currently reside in Newcomerstown with my husband Sam and our three children, Bo (14), Reide (11) and Jack (6). We moved here as a family in 2015 to provide our children with an amazing small town education, which we have been incredibly happy with and wouldn’t change for the world!We live on a small farm and enjoy raising cattle and other small farm animal projects, such as pigs and chickens. Our children attend the Newcomerstown Exempt Village School District and are very active in sports and 4 H. My husband and I coach youth sports programs in our community and are a cattle family of exhibition very involved in Ohio.

“In my free time, I enjoy cooking, gardening and spending time with my family. Volunteering has always been important to me, so I try to contribute and give back to the community when I can. I am thrilled that my new position gives me the opportunity to fulfill my heart for service!”

What jobs have you held in the past?

“Well, I like to call my younger years at work well rounded. My first job was at an ice cream stand, collecting ice cream and waiting tables…quite the dream job for a 16 year old. From there, I tried my luck as a saleswoman, receptionist, babysitter, servant, cleaner and a few other activities. While attending the University of Akron to get my BA in Criminal Justice/Sociology, I started my career in Stark County Family Court in 2004 as an intern and then was hired full-time after graduating as a parole officer. From there, I served as the Youth Court Coordinator for almost 10 years. Both positions focused on diversion, creative punishment, and supporting youth and their families through difficult times.

“In 2014, I was offered a position at Stark High School as a family advocate, which within a year turned into an administrator position. I quickly learned that my work experience with young people and their families in the justice system provided me with the right credentials I was able to create a model based on support in an educational setting, focusing on the needs of the “whole” of the student at school, at home and in the community.

Why did you apply for your new career as Executive Director of the Tuscarawas Council for Church and Community?

“I applied for this position because I feel a natural attraction to community outreach and support services. I knew I wanted to become a team member for the Tuscarawas Council for Church and Community because it has proven to be a grassroots agency for community support, faith, and awareness in Tuscarawas County! I was chosen for the job and started my new career on March 28. Please visit our website at https://t4conline.net or call 330-343-6012 weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to learn more about Our services. We also have a Facebook page – T4C Tuscarawas County Council for Church & Community.

What do you love about Newcomerstown and the community?

“My family and I love Newcomerstown, and we have NO plans to change life here in the community! One of the reasons we moved to Newcomerstown was to give our children the opportunities that a small town provides. , like a more cohesive community and a family school district. We are incredibly pleased with what Newcomerstown has given our family so far. Since moving here, something that always makes me smile about Newcomerstown, it is the supportive, considerate and faith-filled residents who would drop anything they did to help a neighbor in need.The community has proven to come together in times of need, supporting each other as “family small-town,” while continually supporting and supporting our schools, agencies, and small businesses.

Daily! Newcomerstown is SMALL but MIGHTY!”

What would you like to highlight for us?

“One of my goals for the summer is to CONNECT!! I plan to provide community outreach opportunities and education on available support services that T4C and Tuscarawas County have to offer. If you see me, Stop by and say hello!I look forward to meeting members of the community and would love to hear your thoughts on the needs of your family, neighborhoods, schools, church families and more!

“I want to especially thank my husband Sam for being so supportive and allowing me to follow my heart in accepting this new position. I appreciate your love and support!”