Home Church community Members of Veritas Church respond to deadly shooting in downtown Cedar Rapids

Members of Veritas Church respond to deadly shooting in downtown Cedar Rapids


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Veritas Church is a few doors down from Taboo, the scene of a fatal shooting in downtown Cedar Rapids early Sunday morning.

“It was really kind of heartbreaking to hear about this,” church member Leah Kortenkamp said.

Veritas Church members said the mass shooting was a topic of discussion among them.

Some console themselves in their faith….

“My thoughts are more with the families of those who have been killed or injured in this matter. I am assured that God is in control and so, we are good and just praying that people see in this their need for Jesus,” said said church member Bart Woods.

Others still understand the seriousness of the situation.

“It definitely brings us awareness. You think like… especially in a church setting. It’s a very safe place and you take it for granted. You come every week. You don’t expect much from it, but something so close. And it could even happen right in front. Even inside something like that. It really puts anything can happen into perspective,” said church member Brady Pfeifer.

“It worries me. Because, like I said, I would like to make sure that everyone here is safe. That we will always be open. I want this community to know that we can help everyone and be safe for them,” Kortenkamp said.

Treatment as a church family and sending support to the community.

“We were just talking about it and really feeling for our community right now and how it breaks our hearts and we just want to keep everyone involved in this in our thoughts and prayers,” Kortenkamp said.

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