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Mom GO accuses church founder of sending gunmen after her because of her preaching


She said the owner of the church, whose name has not been released, is the mastermind behind the viral hellfire memes.

The evangelist said her critics had been trying to bring her down for eight years, adding that they recently decided to use social media to dishonor her.

Adebayo, in her interview with BBC Pidgin, said church owners were angry with her because people left their church for hers because of her messages.

She also said that some of the quotes attributed to her in several Mummy GO memes and social media videos were fabricated.

All of these videos are edited. Even Lucifer, if he became a pastor today, will he ever say that all of these things that have been assigned to me speak less of someone called a preacher of holiness? So most of these things that have been attributed to me have never been said by me. The people behind the trend have been working there for over eight years. Sometimes they use magazines. When it didn’t work, they sent armed men after me ”, she said.

I received strange calls saying “Evangelist Funmilayo, you affect us. Many of our members hear your message and are withdrawing from our church. If you don’t stop, we’ll kill you.

“I thought it was just a threat until we started seeing gunmen chasing us while driving, coming into our church to threaten us and so on. Sometimes when I’m inside a bank, they take my picture and send it to me, telling me that if they wanted to get me killed, they would. They say they will dishonor me if I don’t stop. When they saw that I wasn’t stopping, they decided to use social media trends.

Evangelist Adebayo further stated that she doesn’t feel bad about being called Mommy GO.

She said her preaching centers on heaven and hellfire because she wants people to avoid things that will send them to hell.