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Niles Church helps with donation truck | News, Sports, Jobs


NILES – Members of the New Hope United Methodist Church have decided that items left behind from their fall trash and treasure sale, along with community donations, will help those in need in Kentucky.

The church donated a truckload of various items to Red Bird Mission in Kentucky, a thrift store.

Carol Miller and Cyd Scarnecchia, coordinators of the event, said the sale of trash and treasure is an annual fundraising event held at the church.

“They can put whatever they want in the thrift store. I know those who can’t afford the items can get vouchers to get what they may need ”, Miller said.

She said the community helped is Appalachian, near the Tennessee border.

Church members Joe Scarnecchia and Ernie Allen drove the van to Kentucky with Marlene Allen, Cyd Scarnecchia and other church members following them in their cars.

“The four of us went there first, then Pastor Jim Spatholt and his wife, Laurie, went down next.” said Scarnecchia.

Laurie Spatholt came up with the idea of ​​donating the objects, having been there several times as part of working group projects.

Jim Spatholt said that when he and his wife were at another church, they spent a week in Kentucky.

“We have already been there with a group to visit the area and see what the needs of the people are. We took a working trip, then the following year, we took a lot of things there ”, he said.

Items taken included household items, clothing and health care items.

Scarnecchia said they wanted to be able to provide for those in need.

Church members said more than 100 boxed items have been delivered.

Scarnecchia said that one place they will visit is the Henderson Colony in the Appalachians. which is supported by The United Methodist Church,

“Henderson Institution has a greenhouse. We will visit the greenhouse to see what they are doing ”, she said.

Grow Appalachia is a group dedicated to helping families seed a healthy future for themselves and their communities by providing them with skills and resources to grow nutritious, sustainable food; teach them how to grow, prepare and store food in a healthy way; provide soil tests, tools, plants / seeds and tillage as needed to start a garden; give them the means to share their knowledge in the community; develop a local farmers’ market to sell surplus food; and offer information workshops.

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