HUNTINGTON, Ind., August 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. (OSV) has named Gretchen R. Crowe editor-in-chief of OSV News, the new Catholic news agency launching January 1, 2023to fill the vacuum created by the closing of the Catholic News Service of the American bishops.

“I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to pioneer OSV News as we build on the long legacy of exemplary Catholic journalism provided by Catholic News Service,” Crowe said. “As I begin to assemble a dedicated team of Catholic professionals committed to quality journalism, I look forward to working with them to share information, spread the gospel and promote the common good.

“The creation of OSV News further expands the vision of OSV founder, Archbishop John Francis Noll, who sought to serve Catholics in the early to mid-twentieth century by informing them of the day’s events through a lens Catholic, while training them. At OSV News, this mission will continue as we strive to report news accurately and comprehensively, within the bounds of justice and charity, in the service of truth,” said Crowe.

“From the moment we considered creating OSV News”, Editor OSV Scott P. Richert said, “Gretchen Crowe was the obvious choice to lead this new effort. In her two decades of work in the Catholic press, Gretchen has proven that no one has a bigger heart for Catholic news, or a better understanding of the vital role Catholic media must play in bringing truth to a world who desperately needs this. As one of the leaders of OSV’s content team, Gretchen also understands the changing landscape of all Catholic publishing and knows what Catholic media needs to do to engage new generations of readers, listeners and viewers. »

Crowe began her tenure at OSV in 2013, when she was appointed by the former editor Greg Erlandson as editor of Our Sunday Visitor, the OSV’s flagship publication founded in 1912 by Archbishop Noll. Crowe led the newspaper’s efforts to respond to an ever-changing media landscape by placing more emphasis on daily content on the web and responding to news as it happened. She led the strategy and market research efforts that led to a redesign of the newspaper in 2018 and its website in 2019. She helped lead efforts to transition Our Sunday Visitor to its current state as as content-driven publishing, enabling agile production of content across multiple channels.

During her nearly 10 years at the OSV, Crowe’s position expanded with a promotion to editorial director for periodicals. Under his guidance and direction, OSV launched four new publications: the deacon magazine (a companion publication to OSV’s nearly century-old magazine, The priest), OSV Children magazine, SimplyCatholic.com and RadiantMagazine.com. She also oversees TeachingCatholicKids.com. In addition to periodical growth, Crowe serves on OSV’s Editorial Board and Book Acquisition teams, and she assists with content creation for OSV’s Parish Solutions division.

Crowe currently sits on the board of directors of the Catholic Media Association, where she is chair of the education committee. Since 2013, she has been the national media representative on the CNS Liaison Committee of the Catholic Media Association. She also leads OSV’s efforts in producing “Heart of the Revival,” the weekly newsletter for the U.S. Bishops’ National Eucharistic Revival.

In addition to his work at the national level, Crowe has experience in diocesan newspapers. From 2004 to 2013, Crowe worked for the Diocese of from Arlington “Arlington Catholic Herald”, under the mentorship of veterans of the Catholic press Michel F. Flach and Ann M. Augherton. As such, his work has been regularly used by Catholic News Service.

Crowe has received numerous accolades for his writing, editing and photography from the Catholic Media Association. She is the author of two books, “Why the Rosary, Why now?” (OSV, 2017) and “Praying the Rosary with Saint John Paul II” (OSV, 2019). Her third book, “Legacy of Mercy: A True Story of Murder and a Mother’s Forgiveness,” will be released this fall by OSV Books.

Crowe is an alumnus of the inaugural class of “The Church Up Close” program offered to members of the international media by the Pontifical University of The Holy Cross’ School of Church Communications in Rome. She holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Crowe is married to writer and editor Michael R. Heinlein, and the couple have three children. Crowe and her husband are currently in formation for the Association of Pauline Cooperators, under the direction of the Daughters of St. Paul.

As the first Catholic publisher of United States, OSV provides products and solutions to more than nine out of ten Catholic parishes and to all Catholic dioceses in the country. Founded in 1912 by Fr. Jean-Francois Noll, OSV’s team of more than 350 people continues to champion the Catholic Church through a wide range of products and services. From weekly and monthly publications to software solutions, fundraising and advisory services, educational products, business books and parish publications, OSV helps Catholics, families, parishes and dioceses to come closer of Christ and to contribute to the growth and vitality of his Church in the world. A Catholic non-profit organization, OSV has supported the needs of the Church for over a century. Learn more about www.osv.com.

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