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Peter Oboh alongside Pastor Suleman – The Sun Nigeria


Fast Rising entertainer, Stephanie Otobo, has been slammed for reopening her sex allegations against Omega Fire Ministry General Overseer Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Throwing his weight behind former British/Commonwealth boxing champion Apostle Suleman, Peter Oboh described Otobo’s allegation as a mere fabrication for cheap publicity.

Only Monday, Stephanie Otobo reiterated on social networks her sexual allegation against Suleman, and accused him of trying to eliminate her. The artist posted screenshots of alleged video calls and an intimate image of the pastor on Twitter, daring him to deny he is not the one in the photos.

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“Can you deny that? Your fingernail and the scar on your left thigh? If these screenshots were fake, how did I get his photos which are not public photos and how come I am the first to post such kind of photos of him? Otobo said.

While insisting that Suleman has changed his hairstyle twice since his sexual intimacy allegation, Otobo claimed that the man of God “did everything to end my life but God is not dead”.

But according to Apostle Peter Oboh, Stephanie Otobo’s allegation against Pastor Suleman is a fabrication for cheap publicity. The boxer-turned-clergyman said: “The allegation made against Apostle Johnson Suleman by Stephanie Otobo is just a fabrication she is using to get cheap publicity. First, if this is true, why does the manhood of the naked man believed to be Suleman appear separate from his body in the photo? Second, the hand holding the manhood supposed to be Suleman’s hand looks like a woman’s hand and not a man’s. I am 100% sure that the manhood shown in the photo is not that of Apostle Suleman.

Remember in 2017, Stephanie Otobo lied against Suleman but later came back to confess. One of the problems most Nigerians have is that they love to see their fellow citizens down, and that is very sad. On this issue, I agree with Suleman one hundred percent. I believe he is innocent. It is the devil who uses women to bring down Suleman. Suleman is an apple of God’s eye. I would love to meet him one day.