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Pray, Fast Against COVID: Pastors


At a press conference at the Prayer Tabernacle Church on Thursday 04e In November 2021, senior pastors of the Body of Christ and evangelical churches called on the government and the private sector to stop harassing citizens and forcing them to take the COVID-19 vaccine against their will.

Pastor Tom Watinga of the Assemblies of God Church compared this pandemic to that of the Bible where a decree was made by a certain evil man Haman to wipe out the Jewish race. As Queen Esther was tasked with saving the Jewish people, he called on Prime Minister Marape to stop sitting on the fence and make the decision to save the nation from the deadly disease.

He said no one should be forced to take this vaccine against their will because we don’t know the risks and dangers that come with it. So no one should lose their job because of this vaccine, because it is not their fault.

“These are innocent people trying to make a living and no employer should penalize people for the virus that was not created by Papua New Guinea or the local people,” said Ps. Watinga said.

Church leaders have concluded that when the enemy comes as a flood, the Lord will raise a standard against him. The norm in this case is the call for all Christians to pray and fast for 21 days to see God’s intervention.

“First, we want everyone to know God and come to God during this difficult time. It is only God who will help us, so we declare a 21 day fast and pray, so that we can all fast and pray.

“Second, we mean vaccination and COVID-19, we want to appeal to the government and maybe the town hall and other areas of the business houses should not penalize our people,” he said.

The leaders said Papua New Guinea is backed by the PNG constitution and should not be forced into something it does not agree to do.

“The Constitution confirms that the rights of people must be respected, therefore vaccination is voluntary, so we as a church recognize this and we would like to continue and defend the voluntary position. Vaccination should not be forced at any time, that is the message in short.

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