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Revelations from the rooftops: The cult of race and politics is dismantling America, says Pastor Brooks


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On the 159th day of his rooftop vigil To build a community center designed to provide opportunity for his community, Pastor Corey Brooks wanted to share his thoughts on the violence tearing American communities apart, from the savage youths of Chicago to the white supremacist shootings in Buffalo.

The following has been slightly modified. We strongly encourage you to watch the accompanying video so you can hear the pastor in his own words.

I want to be honest today. I don’t know how much more I can take. I’ve seen what’s happening in Chicago and Buffalo and I’m having a hard time understanding it all. What’s going on in America?

Sunday morning I woke up to the news that 28 people had been shot in Chicago over the weekend and five had died. I read about those who were killed: 13 years old, 16 years old, 19 years old. So young and already gone.

So far in 2022, over 90 children have been shot and 20 have been killed, and my church has tried to be a blessing in helping these families bury their loved ones.

Not only that, we had wild mobs of young people, hundreds of them, taking over parts of Chicago, causing chaos and destruction. And the question I want to ask is: where are their parents? Where are the community leaders? People talk about the school-to-jail pipeline. But in reality, we have a pipeline from lack of community to prison or the grave. It’s almost like we’re waiting for politicians to come and save us, and we all know that’s never going to happen.


Then, like most Americans, I learned of the horrific murders in Buffalo, New York. A white supremacist drove 200 miles from town to nowhere in a predominantly black neighborhood and shot people dead in a market. He killed them because, of all things, of the color of their skin. He didn’t know them. He didn’t care. And my heart really breaks for those innocent people who had a snack or ingredients for the meal they were going to cook that night. They had no idea that hiding around the corner was pure evil and he was headed their way.

I’ve been through more tragedies than the average American, and I still have a hard time understanding. What I do know is this: only fools come and offer us “the solution”. They say, we need gun control. We already have massive gun control in Chicago. They say we need more race education training. We need more of this, more of that. We want Black Lives Matter to assure us. We want President Biden to explain the root of the problem.

The reality is that we want someone to make these horrors go away. And I don’t blame people for having that feeling because when you think of Chicago and Buffalo, it’s really awful. But if we go for the quick fix, it will only lead to more exploitation that benefits the elites at the expense of the victims. Our elites will ignore the chaos and violence of Chicago, and they will exploit Buffalo to advance their agenda. They pay homage to Chicago because the trigger fingers are black, and they run to Buffalo because the trigger finger was white.

But a human being killed is a human being first and foremost. And shame on all of us for having lost sight of this fundamental human dignity. The Bible says, “thou shalt not kill,” that we are all children of God.

What we must first admit is our helplessness. We have to admit that we are fallen, deeply fallen beings. It is then necessary to testify, to testify to what one sees. We must not live in ideology, fantasies, but in reality.

I don’t have the answers, and I would like to have them. God knows all I can do is sit with the horror and try to see through it. When I look at Chicago and Buffalo, the common denominator is violence. What I also see is that we have allowed race and politics to become our new religion, and those two values ​​are the lowest of human values.

I read somewhere that a majority of our young Americans don’t believe in religion or anything bigger than themselves. What a pity. A lot of these young people here are more invested in what they believe to be “black” instead of investing in expanding their minds. They have no confidence in our society and they don’t hesitate to ransack it and destroy it.

The white supremacist shooter wrote over 100 pages of racial political nonsense, as if what he said mattered. Hatred ruled his soul until he pulled the trigger and killed all those people.

Again, I don’t have the answer, but our worship of race and politics in America in 2022 has led to us being forced into group and racial ideologies instead of focusing on developing the individual. We don’t educate children these days, and without that, how can you have strong individuals? Racial groups and ideologies — on the far left and the far right — led to the hatred that tears America apart to this day.

And believe me, I’m not against groups at all, but I know that we develop weak individuals in our society. And if these weak individuals form groups, what use are they? Really, what are they for? These groups destroying Chicago property? The white supremacist may have acted alone, but he drew his power from the white supremacist group. And, again, what good is a group made up of weak individuals?

Although I may not have the answer at this point, I know from experience. I’ve worked with a lot of these young people who have a gun at their fingertips. They know where it is back home, and given the right circumstances, they’ll pull the trigger. When I sat down to talk with them about improving their lives, several of them pointed the barrel of the gun in my face. They think they are powerful, “the Man”. But you and I know the truth: they are empty shells of human beings where violence is simply all they know.


I work with these people on an individual basis. I try to drive the violence out of their souls by filling it with possibilities and opportunities. I make them discover their own talents. I tell them that their minds and bodies are the most amazing things ever created and if developed can take them to untold heights. I tell them that I love them. I surround them with new and true friends. I teach them skills. I take them to the bank to open their first account, sometimes when they are 30 years old.

I say I don’t have all the answers because, despite my best efforts, I lost what I thought were some of my most promising souls to violent deaths. It breaks my heart every time this happens because I could see their potential. At the same time, I know that a focus on building up the individual is the right answer, for I have seen the most violent criminals lay down their guns and become some of today’s most industrious citizens. . These young people believe in things bigger than themselves: God, America and their ability to overcome all obstacles.

I know that my words cannot take away the pain of what happened in Buffalo or what happens in Chicago almost every day. I am a humble servant of the Lord, and I will continue to serve Him to the best of my ability each day. God bless each one of you, and God bless this troubled but great nation of ours.

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