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Revival Center Church finds temporary home at former JCPenney in Cadillac


Two months after a fire destroyed a church in Cadillac, they found a new home – for now.

The Revival Center Church moves to the old JCPenney in Cadillac while they find a permanent home.

After an early Saturday morning fire in late June that completely destroyed the Revival Center church, the congregation still hasn’t missed a service. And now, two months later, they have a temporary place they can call home. Revival Center church senior pastor Will Markham says it comes at a perfect time.

“We’ve been holding services in the tent for two months, but it’s cold in northern Michigan, so we plan to move here,” Pastor Markham smiles.

They have a six month lease with a three month option thereafter. They say they don’t know what will happen after that. Church

They say they plan to rebuild the old church, but with high costs and shortages they say they will wait. Currently they are in negotiations for more permanent accommodation in the meantime.

“We talked about maybe even at one point having two different Revival Center campuses,” admits Pastor Markham. “So it could be rather than something that hurts us, it makes us grow.”

The associate pastor and the man leading the project, Pastor Scott Bender, says they have seen many people in the community step up and help. revivalcenterchurch1

“As a community, people are ready to help each other. And a lot of times you hear that people aren’t willing, but the people at Cadillac and the surrounding community have said, “look at everything we can do to help you, support you, everything we can do, we help you,” says Pastor Bender.

With their first service at the old department store just three weeks away and the congregation continuing to show their support, Pastor Markham says he was touched by their resilience.

“We said this the day of the fire: the building is gone, but the church is very much alive. And these people move together as one,” says Pastor Markham.

Their first service will be on September 18, but they need padded chairs. If you are able to help, they ask that you call the Revival Center Church at (231) 775-2662.