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Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church Fall Carnival is back after taking a break due to the pandemic


After a sabbatical year, the fall carnival of Saint Patrick Catholic Church is back. Carnival represents the many cultures of their parish.

“We are all one community. We may be Guatemalans, Mexicans, Americans, Vietnamese, but we are all one community, ”said Gabriella Zamarripa.

Many carnival vendors are members of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. With camaraderie, fun, and food, they hope to invite people to try a new dish of someone else’s culture.

While trying out the different vendors, Shae Songers shared what is unique about their culture.

“It’s taken from my mother’s recipe from the island of Guam. She has since passed away, and I’m just carrying on her tradition, ”Songers said.

Father Joseph Arledge said this year’s fall carnival represents unity.

“Being able to help everyone realize that this pandemic doesn’t have the last laugh, and we can still have fun as a ward and come together,” said Arledge.

Arledge said the 70-year-old church needs some improvement. He hopes the money raised during the carnival will help renovate the church.

“Last year it really hurt us a lot with a drop in the number of people, a mass attendance, a drop in donations overall due to the pandemic with people staying at home and l last year this fundraiser really hurt our funds, ”said Deacon Duane Fischer.

Some renovations the church is considering include a better sound system and kitchen renovations.

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