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short works for organ, strings, timpani and voice at Trinity Church in Binghamton


  • Want to see who funds local PA applicants? It’s harder than you might think.

    HARRISBURG – On November 2, hundreds of local races across Pennsylvania will be on the ballot, but figuring out who funds candidates and how they spend that money can be onerous and time-consuming, a review from Spotlight PA revealed.

  • Binghamton mayoral candidates answer questions left unanswered

    VESTAL, NY (WSKG) – Dozens of questions have been submitted by the public for WSKG to pose to the candidates vying for the next mayor of Binghamton during last month’s debate. Due to time constraints, many of these questions were not asked.

  • New York attorney general announces gubernatorial candidacy, sets up Democratic primary

    NEW YORK NOW – Letitia James, the New York attorney general, officially announced her campaign to be New York’s next governor on Friday, setting up a primary between her, current Governor Kathy Hochul, and all the other Democrats who are embarking on the race. James made the announcement via the release of a new video and website to promote his race, which had been rumored in New York political circles for months.

  • New York’s proposed redistribution of ballot draws mixed reviews

    ALBANY, NY (WSKG) – For the second time in seven years, New Yorkers are being called on in the fall poll to change the state’s constitution to make changes to the redistribution process, which maps out all ten years of new lines for the Congress, the Senate and the Assembly neighborhoods. The measure received mixed support from government reform groups. The last time a constitutional amendment was on the ballot to change the division, in 2014, a 10-member commission, of five Democrats and five Republicans, was created to draw the lines. The two co-executive directors must come from opposing parties.

  • Powerful special interests pour millions into Palestinian Authority Supreme Court race in 2021

    HARRISBURG – Millions of dollars from special interests and political groups are pouring into the 2021 Pennsylvania Supreme Court election, a clear sign of the importance of the race and the potential future decisions that could be at stake. CLICK HERE.

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