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Some impacted by looting in destroyed neighborhoods


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Homeowners are now trying to repair the damage caused by the Andover tornado, but they are now worried about looting.

Some areas are struggling with looters, and a Home Owners Association (HOA) president says he and his neighbors have had enough. Gary Dickerson says the past two days have been emotional.

Dickerson says, “All those people came to help today because I was sitting on the steps. It’s difficult.”

Not only was Dickerson’s home badly damaged by the storm, but thieves broke into his home late Saturday night and took some of what was left.

“Even though there is no roof, we thought people wouldn’t come in, but they did. The sliding glass door is destroyed, so they just walked in and ransacked everything. They took a guitar which disappoints me as it was a birthday present from a friend,” Dickerson said.

He now has to worry about storing what he left behind in a safe place. Epic Church helped those affected by the storm, including Dickerson.

Jamie Barrett, an Epic Church volunteer, says, “We try to put things they can salvage, appliances and furniture, into the storage units we have set aside for them.

Andover Police say there have been reports of looting in the damaged area, including the YMCA.

The president of HOA in the Dickerson neighborhood also told us that looting is a concern and will do whatever it takes to stop it. Volunteers say storage is one of the biggest needs due to looting and the approaching storm.

“The pastor at the church was kind enough to give us a place to store our things as all storage facilities are closed at the moment. I can’t get a u-haul. They come with a truck, trailer and manpower to help us put these things away, so the looters don’t pick them up, destroy them, mark them or whatever they do,” said Dickerson.

He says he appreciates all the help from the community and hopes others don’t have to deal with what he has.

Epic Church has posted a donation link for this area. If you would like to make a donation, Click here.

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