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South Sacramento community feels marginalized in city redistribution process


SOUTH SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Sacramento is redesigning its city council districts and some members of the South Sacramento community have told FOX40 they are not being treated fairly in this process.

Current plans on the table show the City Redistribution Commission dividing the Meadowview neighborhood into its current Districts 8 and 5.

Opponents of the redistribution said the move would dilute the voting power of a minority community struggling to thrive.

“Many of you have traveled. You’ve been through towns and communities where you drive and you’re like, ‘Dude, look at this community, they don’t have enough resources, they are struggling,’ then you go across the street and that ‘is the Promised Land,’ said Pastor The Simmons of the South Sacramento Christian Center.

“The people who are drawing these lines, you could be responsible for creating a melting pot of challenges,” Simmons added.

A coalition including Simmons, the NAACP and Hmong Innovating Politics gathered at Genesis Church on Tuesday morning to send a message to city leaders.

Reverend Tecoy Porter of Genesis Church said Meadowview had been an afterthought for too long as Sacramento’s priorities were being developed, behavior he said surfaced in the last redistribution meeting.

“They kind of ran out of time. They didn’t hear our voices asking us to keep Meadowview together, to keep South Sacramento together, basically because they were focusing on the needs of Midtown and downtown and the Eastern District and we didn’t just don’t want to be the sacrificial lambs in this process, ”Porter said.

“We know that in the southern zone we have smaller houses, smaller paychecks but larger families and we don’t want people to say that we don’t count in the future of this city,” Porter added.

The coalition is asking anyone concerned about the current proposals to record an electronic commentary for Thursday’s meeting of the city’s carving commission.

When FOX40 asked for a response to concerns from neighbors in Meadowview, the city just referred FOX40 to its online comment process.