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Tallahassee church still struggles to rebuild after Hurricane Michael



TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – It’s been almost three years since Hurricane Michael hit the Big Bend and a local church is still grappling with the aftermath.

Deacon James Lee with Mt. Olive Holiness Church, Inc. says a tree crashed into the roof of the church, causing extensive water damage to floors, pews and other equipment. The water damage eventually turned into mold, making the church unsafe for members.

“We have a Wednesday night Bible study, Friday night prayer service, and regular Sunday morning church services,” Deacon Lee said.

The church received a FEMA grant in the amount of $ 207,000. Lee said a condition of the grant requires the church to provide 25%, which Lee said equates to $ 51,000. However, this is proving difficult for the small church, with a number of non-working members.

“Being a church with only five or six adults, and most of us are retired. Our pastor is retired from the highway patrol, ”said Lee.

Before the pandemic, the congregation was allowed to use the sanctuary of another church, but then moved away during COVID.

Now that the church hopes to restore and reopen the building, Deacon Lee is reaching out on social media. He created a GoFundme asking for community support to raise the additional funds needed to unlock the FEMA grant.

According to Lee, several donations have already been made.

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