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The 18 jurors chosen for the federal trial in the murder of Floyd | USA News®



ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) — Eighteen people have been chosen to hear the federal case against three former Minneapolis officers who are accused of violating the civil rights of George Floyd during the May 2020 arrest that led to the death of the black man. Twelve jurors will deliberate and six are alternates. Most jurors appear to be white; two appear to be of Asian descent. The jury includes people from the Minneapolis metro area, as well as suburban and far southern Minnesota. Here are some details:

A man from Hennepin County who is a project manager at an architectural firm. Married without children. Holder of a master’s degree in architecture. Member of the American Home Brewers Association who said he likes to drink beer when he’s not fixing the house.

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A man who has lived in Hennepin County for forty years. He works at retail; his wife works in a grocery store. They have five children. Graduated in French teaching and education. Active in Minnesota society in Indonesia.

A man who lives in Olmsted County, southeastern Minnesota. A computer programmer. His wife does medical research. Three children, one still in college. He has a bachelor’s degree. Involved in his Methodist Church. He spends his free time exercising and reading.

A woman who lives in Ramsey County. Director of public affairs for a local government. Her husband is retired. She has children (one can be an adult). A girl is 11 years old and in sixth grade. Active in the state Democratic-Farmer-Labour Party. Graduated from the University of Minnesota.

Woman from Blue Earth County, southern Minnesota. She is retired and previously worked as an accountant for a pet food manufacturing company. Her husband is retired from municipal service. She has two adult sons, one in sales and the other a project manager at a home builder. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Involved in the University of Minnesota Master Gardener Program.

Washington County woman. Do logistics for a large local cooperative; her husband does the same for the same company. She has three children aged 10 to 2 years old. She holds a bachelor’s degree and a minor in commerce. Love going up north, spending time by the lake and in the RV with the kids.

Ramsey County man. Works as project manager in state government. His wife is a university researcher. He holds a bachelor’s degree in geology. He likes to spend his free time “playing around with cars and motorbikes, reading, cooking with my wife and playing tennis when the weather permits”.

Woman from Anoka County in the North Subway. She is responsible for customer relations. Married for 24 years to a husband who is a truck driver; three adult children. At a college; likes to travel and try new places.

Woman from Jackson County, southwestern Minnesota. She homeschools her children. Her husband is a computer network administrator and owns his own business. They have five children between the ages of 20 and 12. Active in church and on the YMCA swim team, in which his daughters swim. She loves to read and she teaches in a home school co-op.

A man who lives in Hennepin County. He is responsible for maintenance and facilities at Eden Prairie. His girlfriend works as a teacher. He has two adult children in their twenties. In the army for three years. He likes hunting, fishing, camping, hiking.

Woman of Asian appearance from Washington County near metro area. She is a school social worker and her fiancé is in school to become a pastor. He holds a master’s degree in social work. In her spare time, she watches Netflix, hangs out with friends, dogs and family. She said her only change to her questionnaire was “my boyfriend got promoted to fiancé, which caused laughter in the courtroom.

Female from Scott County, near metro area. She does product development. Her husband is retired. Her children are 21 and 18. She has a master’s degree and spends her free time being active, walking her dog, shoveling snow and listening to podcasts.

Ramsey County man. Account manager for a data company. He is married and belongs to a family foundation. He said he had young children at home and was worried about what would happen if their school had to go to distance learning during the trial.

Woman from Olmsted County, southeastern Minnesota. She works in a food service at a hospital and her boyfriend does the same job. She has a high school diploma. In her free time, she enjoys running and eating with her boyfriend.

Woman from Nicollet County in southern Minnesota. She is retired. Previously, he was chief at a hospital in Indiana. Her spouse died in 2020. She has two children in their 40s. She sits on the board of Real Life of St. Peter Cooperative Housing. She is also involved in her church and crochet.

Male of Asian appearance and possible immigrant to Ramsey County. Works at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. He is married and his wife stays at home with their four young children. He enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family. He said he participated in a civil trial in state court in August.

A man who has lived in Hennepin County for 71 years, excluding his time in the military. He and his wife are retired. He worked for the same company for 30 years and retired as Global Business Manager. He has been married for 48 years and has four children and five grandchildren. He holds a master’s degree in business administration. He was a Marine for six years and is active in organizations related to his children and grandchildren, the VFW and he spends his free time traveling and doing things with his grandchildren.

Woman from Anoka County. Works as a graphic editing specialist for Taylor Corporation, producing promotional products and graphics. She has been with his wife for 26 years, married to her for eight years. “We only have four-legged children,” she said. She graduated in graphic design. Likes to play bingo, go to VFW and sporting events.

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