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The Madness of Trying to Stop Death – The Vacaville Reporter


Humanity continues to think that it controls everything, under the illusion that it is the master of its destiny. The key to this state of mind lies in the word “think” – we, as a people on this earth, have developed the state of mind in which we control the atmosphere and thus we can control the elements in which we live. This kind of thinking makes us “think” that we are God. With each invention, more and more confidence in the human will arises, as if our own intellect were enough to control the atmosphere in which we live.

The last complex of human God is that of stopping death through the mandates to wear masks, get vaccinated, and stand 6 feet apart. Think about it: we are programmed to stop or slow death in its tracks by invoking warrants like the ones I mentioned. Watch the madness of that thought like putting on a mask and taking it off while eating as if the dreaded virus couldn’t be inhaled between bites of food or sips of drinks. They tell us the virus is airborne, but the cooks who wear masks and gloves to prepare your food don’t take any preparations to cover your food on their way to your table as if there aren’t any viral particles floating in it. the air.

Here is a weaker thought from humanity, as if there is no mandate for the things in life that continue to cause death. We have not stopped driving cars, alcohol and tobacco. Has anyone ever thought that we sanction the death of unborn children but do not sanction masks like condoms? And what about the thought of Dr. Kavorkian who says you have the right to die? Should we have more babies on thalidomide? Will black people be subjected to more injections of Tuskegee syphilis?

And just looking further away from other nonsense, if vaccinations and masks are so important, then why don’t we make money orders as your newspapers, mail, UPS packages that come into your home or business?

I suggest that death is inevitable and that there is no cure except for the Christian who will never die, so the mask warrants will not stop him, the vaccine warrants will not stop him. I think Kaiser and other medical institutions could cause the deaths of many people with their recent executive order requiring employees to get vaccinated or be laid off, which will create a shortage of medical professionals needed to treat diseases that kill. people.

So if death can be stopped please let me know so I can buy some stock.

– Pastor Morris A. Curry, Jr./Vacaville

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