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The pastor made me do it!


Tory leadership hopeful Sajid Javid has revealed he quit the Cabinet after a sermon by an evangelical pastor stung his conscience.

The former health secretary’s resignation sparked an avalanche of ministers leaving Boris Johnson’s government, forcing the prime minister out of office.

His resignation came after listening to a sermon by Reverend Les Isaac on integrity and accountability.

The sermon was delivered at a parliamentary prayer breakfast with other MPs, including Prime Minister Johnson.

“I was listening to him talk about the importance of integrity in public life and, focusing on just that, I made my decision. I went straight back to my office and wrote the letter of resignation and went to see the prime minister later that day,’ Javid told the BBC Sunday broadcast.

He said the sermon made him realize that it was his duty to defend himself and the country and that the government was no longer aligned with his morals and values.

Sets off

Sajid Javid wasn’t the only person whose life was influenced by Reverend Les Isaac since he founded the street pastor initiative in 2003.

Street Pastors are a collective of volunteers who work for safer streets across the UK by “caring, listening and helping” vulnerable communities.

The collective is active in over 240 cities across Britain and has trained over 12,000 street and prayer pastors providing physical and emotional support in times of crisis.

Javid announced his resignation on Twitter minutes before former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced his resignation. The couple claimed that they had not coordinated their actions.

A total of 59 ministers resigned, forcing the prime minister to leave.

Many resignations were triggered because Johnson appointed Chris Pincher as Deputy Chief Whip, when he was aware of the sexual harassment allegations and his former misconduct.

Johnson has now stepped down as Tory leader and prime minister once a successor is announced on September 5.

Javid is now considering replacing Johnson. He claimed to be a suitable candidate as he had the necessary experience and a new Conservative economic plan to get Britain back on track.

He pledged to push for long-term tax reform and downplay the cost of living crisis in what he described as Britain’s “most immediate challenge”.

By Sarah Danquah