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The Recorder – ‘We want to help’: Greenfield church joins regional effort to provide aid to Ukrainian refugees


Published: 03/13/2022 21:59:47

Modified: 03/13/2022 21:59:34

GREENFIELD — As the war in Ukraine rages and the humanitarian crisis worsens, more local churches have launched fundraising events to support the beleaguered country and its neighbors.

The Agape Moldovan Baptist Church on Silver Street joined the cause on Saturday with a tag sale in hopes of raising funds to send to Moldova, which is experiencing a staggering influx of Ukrainian refugees, according to the pastor of the church. Peter Cioclea Church.

“It’s overwhelming,” Cioclea said, adding that many people are staying with strangers while waiting for shelter. “They stay for 12 hours and just need a warm place and food.”

Cioclea has family and friends in Moldova who have helped the country cope with the influx of refugees and he wanted to find a way to help, despite being thousands of miles away.

“We want to contribute,” he said. The church has donated the money it has collected from services over the past few weeks, but Cioclea wanted to go further and involve the whole community. “We thought of a tag sale. … We all have things in our house that we can share.

With all manner of household items and an abundance of clothing set up throughout the church on Saturday, people had a wide range of options to choose from. And if they couldn’t find anything to add to their wardrobe or their home, there were also sweets and pastries.

All proceeds from tag sales and any additional money raised will be donated to Keys Connection, an organization that raises funds and provides support for people living in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Gary Bourbeau, pastor of the First Congregational Church of Gill, was walking around selling tags and said his own church was collecting donations for the same organisation.

“We did normal collections,” he said. “It’s gratifying because we know it’s not going to some kind of administration, it’s going to humanitarian aid for refugees.”

These churches join several others in Pioneer Valley, such as South Deerfield and Ludlow parishes, in sending money to Ukraine or its neighboring countries to provide support to those affected by the invasion. Russian.

Other churches running donation or fundraising drives include the First Congregational Church of Montague, which is seeking hygiene kits or monetary donations for the Church World Service’s Ukraine Emergency Response Fund; and the Sunderland Congregational Church, which is seeking medical supplies to send overseas.

Cioclea said these charitable programs help her and the rest of the Moldavian community in Franklin County stay connected to their hometown, while supporting a good cause.

“He retains a sense of attachment and connection. It’s something that ultimately makes me feel good,” he said. “We just try to share our love for people.”

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