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Tools for Schools: Church Point High School


KATC and Jim Olivier’s family of companies are in on the action again with this week’s tools for schools giving to classes in need.

Anna Olivier says we deliver books to Church Point High School.

“I requested several copies of ‘A Lesson Before Dying’ for my three honors English students,” Rachel Turley tells us. “And I asked for the book as a supplement to the work we’re working on in class and because it was the author from Louisiana, I felt it would be something really special for them.”

Turley says getting these books helps students get even more out of the classroom.

“I was so excited when I found out that we were picking up the books for the students. We want to put as many as we can so they can study throughout the school year,” she says. “So when I found out we were getting an extra book, I was really excited about it.”

Literature helps students discover life and communities, she says.

“The book means an extra unit that they can study as part of their English III class, and it allows us to delve into the kinds of topics that I think are relevant for today, things that deal with relationships, things that deal with And those are things that are so important for children to be able to learn in today’s society,” Turley says. “So to give us the opportunity to do that , I think Tools for Schools is great.

“I was so thrilled that there is now a partnership for schools, giving students all the opportunities we can give them. And so I’m really excited about programs like this, which have helped us. I would like to thank The Jim Olivier Family of Companies and KATC for the tools for schools. Thank you very much.”