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Vatican punishes Polish archbishop for negligent sexual abuse | World news


WARSAW, Poland (AP) – Catholic Church authorities in Poland say the Vatican is punishing a retired Polish archbishop for his alleged negligence in cases of child sexual abuse by clergy under his authority.

The Archdiocese of Wroclaw said the Vatican had examined reports of alleged negligence by the former head of the diocese, retired Archbishop Marian Golebiewski. The survey covered the years 1996 to 2004, when Golebiewski was head of the Diocese of Koszalin, and from 2004 to 2013, when he was head of the Archdiocese of Wroclaw.

As a result, the Vatican has banned Golebiewski, 83, from attending any religious or secular public ceremony and ordered him to donate out of pocket to a foundation preventing sexual abuse and supporting its victims. He must also pray and repent.

The Holy See punished a dozen Polish bishops and archbishops for having concealed the sexual abuse of minors by priests under their authority.

A report of people who say they were abused by priests accuse two dozen sitting and retired Polish bishops and archbishops of protecting predatory priests. It was handed over to Pope Francis on the eve of his 2019 Vatican Abuse Prevention World Summit.

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