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Videos from January 6 allegedly show Colorado denier Shawn Smith clashing with police


Sedition Hunters, a group that helps law enforcement track down people who may have committed crimes during the January 6 uprising, on Saturday Shawn Smith, Colorado “election integrity” activist in videos of the 2021 attack on the US Capitol and named him a “person of interest”.

The development follows a Newsline investigation that identified Smith in another Jan. 6 video, as reported in a story that the outlet published on Wednesday.

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Smith, a retired Air Force colonel, is a key figure in election denial activity in Colorado and other states. He is president of Cause of Americawhich is funded by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to coordinate “election integrity” activities across the country, driven by the “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen from the former President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Smith was a panelist at a gathering of Colorado figures in the far-right Holocaust denial movement, including Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters at The Rock Church in Castle Rock. During a presentation that evening, Smith, referring to Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, said, “I think if you’re involved in voter fraud, you deserve to be hanged.”

Sedition Hunters has identified Colorado denier Shawn Smith as the person seen in this screenshot from a video, in which he shouts “Stand with the people!” during a violent clash with police at the United States Capitol during the January 6 uprising. (Screenshot from a video linked to by Sedition Hunters)

Videos in which Sedition Hunters identified Smith show him as part of a violent mob in a physical confrontation with the police trying to clear Trump supporters from an area near the Capitol side. Smith, according to Sedition Hunters, is seen at the front of the crowd in direct physical contact with police in riot gear.

‘You know they are criminals,’ he shouts at police, apparently referring to Vice President Mike Pence and members of Congress who that day were certifying President Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory in the election of 2020. “Stay with the people!” Stick with the people! These are your people! These are your people here! … Don’t, don’t, don’t! he heard in a video credited to landoseason.com.

At one point he lost foot as a policeman walks up to him. A flash grenade explodes nearby and the gray cap he wears falls off. Then he appears to leave the area immediately in front of the police.

On Sunday morning, Newsline sent Smith a text request for a comment about her appearing in newly discovered videos on Jan. 6. The text included a screenshot of the face of the Sedition Hunters person identified as Smith. A later text included a link to a video in which Sedition Hunters identified Smith. Smith initially replied that he was “preparing a response”. He didn’t dispute that the person in the screenshot was him. He wrote later that we would not be able to respond until Monday.

“I recommend that you await my response, including the specific facts and characterizations in dispute,” Smith texted about seven hours after Newsline first contacted him. He did not specify the facts and qualifications to which he was referring. If Smith responds, this story will be updated.

In a later part of the landoseason.com video, the person identified as Smith appears to warn other members of the crowd about their behavior towards the police.

“Stop, stop, stop yelling at them, stop, stop yelling at them,” he told another Trump supporter. Then he turns to the phalanx of police and, pointing to the Capitol, says: “This is our house… This is our house.

Sedition Hunters describes itself as “a global community of open-source intelligence investigators” dedicated to insurgent hunting. HuffPost called the group one of the FBI’s “most critical assets”, whose efforts “affected hundreds of the more than 700 cases that federal prosecutors have brought” against suspected insurgents.

The four videos in which the group identified Smith are the first known to show the person they identify as Smith directly engaging with law enforcement during the insurgency. Video of Smith that emerged from the Newsline investigation shows him among a violent group of rioters engaged in a confrontation with police outside the Capitol, but Smith does not appear to engage officers directly in this footage .

Thursday’s rally at The Rock Church was organized by far-right group FEC United. The Sunday church was the site of a demonstration against him allowing FEC United, which was founded by Colorado conspirator and podcaster Joe Oltmann, to hold his events at the church.