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Why Hawkeye Picked This Classic Marvel Cinematic Scene To Explain Kate Bishop’s Origin Story


The following digs into spoilers for the new Disney + show, Hawk Eye. You might want to go watch the first two episodes if you haven’t seen them yet.

A huge goal for the new Disney + series Hawk Eye is to introduce the MCU to Kate Bishop, a skilled archer and diehard Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) fan who has often teamed up with him in the Marvel Comics books, but who first comes to life onscreen thanks to Hailee Steinfeld. . As we catch up with young Kate in the opening scenes of Hawkeye, we’re told it’s 2012 – which for MCU fans means the moment of The Avengers. And we find out that Kate Bishop was in Manhattan for the Battle of New York, and that devastating turning point. When we have time with Hawk Eye producer Trin Trahn recently, we asked him when it’s possible for a new Marvel show to dive back into MCU history, and his explanation can be found in the video above.

This can be a tricky trick to pull off. You don’t want to go back in the pre-established history of the MCU, because any changes you make can have a ripple effect on what we’ve already seen. This is partly what causes the flight of time travel in Avengers: Endgame so complicated, because today’s Avengers characters return to multiple MCU movies, and when they interfere, they create rifts in the timeline that lead to Disney + shows like Loki.

The fact that Kate is a young girl during the Battle of New York and leans towards archery because she saw Hawkeye in action is actually good motivation for her character. As Trin Trahn explained to CinemaBlend:

We’re still trying to figure out how we can connect all of our stories. There is no difference between our features and the TV shows we make. It’s an MCU. And I think it’s a big challenge. Now we have a lot more projects and characters on TV. How does all of this still intertwine and connect in a way that would satisfy the direction we’re headed? So, trying to figure out how Kate can come to this world, we thought this moment was essential for her. In terms of timeline, it made sense. And that was a moment that the audience, I think, also really remembers. And I hope there’s a little nostalgia in watching this (and) remembering that moment a long time ago. But the important thing is to connect Kate to this world and see it so that they can make that connection later.

It’s times like this, I really wish we could all go to Marvel Studios headquarters and see the whiteboard (boards?) There are times when Captain Marvel goes back to the 1990s, or WandaVision walks us through Wanda’s past to see how Tony Stark inadvertently spoiled his childhood. These moments are important, but they can’t disturb the timeline that has been established, as Marvel fans pay so much attention to these details. Probably too much!

Hawk Eye started airing on Disney + with its first two episodes pending subscribers right now. It’s going to be a six-episode season, so hop on board before the story gets too far.